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I am already teaching LO in grade 8 and 9 at Tanga SSS in Eastern Cape in Butterworth. I am a librarian by profession. Graduated at University of Fort Hare. Because of shortage of jobs I decided to open a library in the above school. Due to covid-19 , they gave me those 2 classes to teach LO due to shortage of teachers. But now I am a good teacher and interested to continue in this career.Now I a volunteer.
Hlaliswa Benya · 3 months ago
How do comment with other account?
Nokbonga Ngwenya · 3 months ago
Exactly sbahle.n so its better we read only on funDza
Connie Ndhlovu · 8 months ago
Is there a group I can join.
ReddRoxy · 12 months ago
But when it comes to data in whatsapp groups hoooh😭it will be gone in no time😳
sbahle.n · 12 months ago