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Team fundza help me i can't download my certificate 😭😭😭😭😭
Syahr · a week ago
Hi I'm Lungile I need to know which courses are there?
lungilepetunia1@gmail.com · a week ago
Hi. I would like to see the winners of My life my choice course😊
Allitah · 2 weeks ago
Hi, I would like to know how long it usually takesbfor the fundza team to annouce course winners
Riaah · 3 weeks ago
Hi Zakithi, to complete our free courses see the step by step guide on how to complete our courses, click on “Menu” on the top right of your screen, then click on “Courses” and then “Course Help Manual”
Team FunDza · a month ago
Hi I need to study online please help
Zakithintshiza@gmail.com · a month ago
Hi , its been a week I tried to press on chapter 1 on the course "my life my story " but it doesn't open. Please help.
millysa · a month ago
I did a wrong business plan,can I get a chance to retrace my dream..please?
mfikisenij@gmail.com · a month ago
I can't find Business Plan Competition please help.
Debongs · a month ago
Hi there, can you send a screenshot of your course result page and email it to info@fundza.co.za? Or use our WhatsApp number to send a query. Add 060 054 8676 as a contact, say hi, and get the menu. Then you can send in your question.
Team FunDza · 2 months ago