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How are we going to recieve the certificate? we are not in SA
Eness K Chilando · 6 months ago
Kwazi Rich · 7 months ago
Hi there. There were courses I was doing, one is called All About Punctuation and the other is called Comprehension: Getting Personal. Now I didn't finish these courses and they have expired. I want to do these courses again. Is it possible to do these courses again?
Kwazi Rich · 7 months ago
Hi Lano - you don't need a course code to register for an open course. Follow these instructions: 1. Login on fundza.mobi 2. Click on the menu bar (top right), and then click on 'Courses' 3. Under the course name and description, there will be a big button - 'Enroll Now' - Click on this to enroll. 4. Once you're enrolled, you can click on the link 'Go to Course' (on the Courses menu). 5. You can also access any course you're enrolled for from your personal profile page.
Mignon · 7 months ago
How do I get the course code
Lano · 7 months ago