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I can't find Business Plan Competition please help.
Debongs · 8 hours ago
Hi there, can you send a screenshot of your course result page and email it to info@fundza.co.za? Or use our WhatsApp number to send a query. Add 060 054 8676 as a contact, say hi, and get the menu. Then you can send in your question.
Team FunDza · yesterday
Hi I've entered the NRC Readathon and I cannot do the last quiz
Kmoagiii · yesterday
Hi Aggrey1560, certificates are now give to people who have a course average that's 50% and above. If you do and still not getting your certificate please contact us via WhatsApp just text "Hello" to +27600548676 and follow the menu prompts and go to "Ask a question"
Team FunDza · 2 days ago
Ive done the cause then at the end other questions denied to be answered then ive leave its an then at the final survey they denied to provide my certificate an ive already passed it
Aggrey1560 · 3 days ago