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Can I have answers please
Nthablers · 20 hours ago
can fundzas do me a fovour n check im which number although ididn't win?
moyikwababalwa@gmail.com · 24 hours ago
good morning
moyikwababalwa@gmail.com · yesterday
Hi there. Please note that the winners have been announced contacted and given their prize money. You unfortunately didn't win. We a very sorry, but please watch out for more competitions by FunDza.
FunDza Team · yesterday
good morning Sir or Madam i have completed the competition of Majola's ...and i'm desparectly need the cash.. now the fundzas said they will respond before 13th .to announce the top 5 winners. n the winners needs immidiately to respond back iam stressful i dont have internet to go and check my emails how am i going to know if iam a winner with out an EMail.n when?
moyikwababalwa@gmail.com · yesterday