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Hi there, you can send your writing to writing@fundza.co.za. You don't need a course code to do an open course.
Team FunDza · 2 months ago
Hi there. You don't need a course code to do any of the open courses. Simply click on the 'Register' click on the courses page to sign up. If you want to be a Fanz writer, then you can simply send your writing in via email to get published. The email address - for submissions and queries - is: writing@fundza.co.za
Mignon · 2 months ago
I didn't get the course code I just wanna be one of the authors in FunDza how do I do all of this?
Nompumelelo Yika · 2 months ago
Send an email to writing@fundza.co.za.
FunDza Team · 6 months ago
Hi how do I send to writing@fundiza.co.za for me to join fundza
Jr kaps · 6 months ago