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Having trouble with with my fundza log in..
Masalela Elsie Swantle · 8 months ago
I have a problem when am trying to register it says my I'd number is invalid or already existing I don't know what happened so plz help what to do.
Ayolile Phambili · 10 months ago
Hi Thilivhali. When you can comment and like it means you are already logged in. Please get in contact with us via email at info@fundza.co.za to explain your problem so we can help you. Thank you.
Fundza Team · a year ago
Hi am trying to log in for the competition to complete a survey but it keeps.saying my username cant be recognized
Thilivhali Mathelemusa · a year ago
It's keep happening Why
Ongeziwe Søtãshë · a year ago