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Hi Fundza Team,How do I set up author's name on my Fundza profile? because I tried submitting but it says I must add author's name to my piece...
C.reader · a month ago
Do I get my work published on fundza
Thandazile · 4 months ago
hy...how do we send work? in typing or PDF like? or what?
BeeÅBlur · 7 months ago
Used to right poems and I think this is a platform for me to continue writing. Some of my work were taken by a teacher telling me he is taking my work to be checked at Vits University. It was during late 90s till today I don't know what happened and where is my original work as I only had originals that tine
Sellwiza · 8 months ago
😍😍😍 I'm more interested nowww
Nomamkhwa · 8 months ago
I love writing short stories an I am I very good writer.all I want to know is how can I make writing to be my career because I am currently in grade 12?
Mr Vilakazi · 9 months ago
@Cute girl ❤️:Let hope they do🤞🤞 crossing fingers
Lesedi Lesogo Hlatshwayo · 9 months ago
@Cute girl ❤️:Let hope they do🤞🤞 crossing fingers
Lesedi Lesih · 9 months ago
I want to write a short story about two boys who were born in a rural area and they now are big musicians and music producer (Inspired by Blaq diamand)and having their own record label 😍
Baby boo🙂 · 10 months ago
Thanks fundza
Favourite 💃 · 10 months ago
Hi Favourite - Yes you can send in your work via WhatsApp. Send a 'hi' message to 0600 54 8676 and then follow the message prompts.
Mignon · 10 months ago
Can one send their work via Moya or Whatsapp
Favourite 💃 · 10 months ago
@Lesedi Lesih:Do they even understand ur question,dude😕it sounds complicated 😕
Cute girl❤️ · 10 months ago
How do I start writing? Please help me 🙏
Sasileta · 10 months ago
Can I send my work via Moya
Blaq diamond fan · 10 months ago