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I want to log in to your page in facebook with my mobile number,then you sent me a confirmation code when i enter it you say it's invalid.please help me😓😓😓😓
Syahr · 6 days ago
Am on a course own your destiny and I got to the final survey now they sending me messages saying that am not done and when I go to the course it's done
Botho23 · 2 weeks ago
but they said they will announce before 22 November
Devana · 3 weeks ago
No they are not announced yet
Devana · 3 weeks ago
Were the winners of the My Life My choice competition announced?
Tsheppy69 · 3 weeks ago
How do we get our certificate
Lyla · a month ago
I wanna start writing stories here at fundza but I don't know how?
Connie wabantwana · 2 months ago
I've completed the course of Acts out i've got 87% i did pass the course but they didi'nt submit my certificate for that course and pass rate was 75%. I am still waiting my certificate plzz help me. Thank you in advance.
Khasiyane · 3 months ago
Complaint Based on Corona viruse course I almost completed my course but I have problem due to Technical error from your side please fix it I want to complete the course full I completed it by 91% so please help me I want to complete it please
Lowi23 · 3 months ago
Hi there, the winners were contacted and announced here: Look out for our next course competition in October...
Team FunDza · 4 months ago