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Thato where do u go school
Beronic Thomas · 3 weeks ago
Hi am Thato and am 12 years old, I like reading and writing, I have a lot of poems that I want to share with you guys but am not sure if I can
Selot · 4 months ago
Hi I am15 turning 16in October I am an aspiring artists with great talents I would really love for people to read my work and for it to grow from there
#if Shakespeare had a son · 5 months ago
Uhm .... I want to remove some of my writings because I found out that they're no longer useful
Iviwer · 5 months ago
hi guys am 13 I love reading and writing but am not sure if am allowrd
lucky m n · 7 months ago
I am also 13 i love write and I can, but I want to write in isizuluam I allowed
lucky m n · 7 months ago
I am 13 but I can write 😪😪 please I want people to read my story
motaungpuseletso560@gmail.com · 10 months ago
I am 11 can I publish poems
Blaq diamond fan · 10 months ago
Pls make an easier way to submit our work.
Ida · 10 months ago
Hi there, yes you can be published if you are 14.
Team FunDza · 11 months ago