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Reading , writing it is hard you need to have sweat
Limpolewis · 2 days ago
Hello ArJay Mison Mount - first send in some writing as a Fanz writer, so we can see what you write... Follow the instructions - by sending in your work via email to writing@fundza.co.za or by using the online form.
Mignon · 2 weeks ago
How do I become a blogger on this site
ArJay Mison Mount · 2 weeks ago
Are we able to comment on our own "work of art" maybe?? And can we reuse it on something else maybe or another Application
Bless_@official_Hotty · 2 months ago
Hi Sifiso, you are able to use your work after publication, but as we have spent time editing it we keep it up on our site too.
Team FunDza · 6 months ago
Hi. Since I would not be getting paid for my work can I reuse it maybe publish it once you have edited it for me on websites that are prepared to pay me?
Molaba Sifiso · 6 months ago
How do I see my published work on my profile?
Red_Ndulukane · 8 months ago
I am a poet and most of my poems is based on fire fighting in general as I am a fire fighter from Working on fire 🔥🔥. Am still buzy writing a book of poems.
J.Malebye · 9 months ago
Good day I'm interested in writing poems because I grew up writing my own poems and performing in every poet competitions at my former school😊
Phontsa54 · 10 months ago
We accept all 11 official South African languages but it will take time for the work not in English to be published because we outsource the editing.
Asithandile Tyulu · 10 months ago