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Hello Mvelodelearner - You can change it yourself by going to your profile and correcting your firstname and surname there. Once that is done, download your certificate again. It should now display your correct details.
Mignon · 2 months ago
HI I have a problem with my certificate from FunDza , my name is misspelled , but I want it to be changed. Is that possible
Mvelodelearner · 2 months ago
I love fundza and i want to join on facebook
Precious mpho · 6 months ago
Hello guys I'm new here and I'm inlove with Fundza, I think it will give the best in us thank you.
Mr Chris · 8 months ago
Hi there, yes, FunDza's WhatsApp number is 060 054 8676 - save us as a contact and say 'hi' to get the menu.
Team FunDza · 8 months ago
can we find fundza on Twitter?
BeeÅBlur · 8 months ago
does fundza have a whatsapp number?
BeeÅBlur · 8 months ago
Its been over a month and i haven't recieved my certificates...
MatshidisoJulian · 9 months ago
May you please help me to rewrire my matric
Phatsemane · 9 months ago
How many books do you have to read to get your certificate??
Maze · 9 months ago