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Team FunDza · 3 months ago
What the word Father mean to me   The South African Race Relations report in 2020 says that 60% of South African children live with absent fathers but it important that a positive relationship is cultivated as most fathers travel to far places for jobs and education. However, an interesting question for me is What is a father? I personally as Londiwe Nkosi think that a father is a male adult who may be or not be the biological father of the child. A child is raised by the village idiom has been helpful throughout our history. Therefore, members of the community (teachers, traditional leaders, sports/cultural male coaches etc) and family (granddads, uncles etc) continue to help ensure that children are raised in a safe and healthy environment.     I look at a Father broadly, personally, my father was outside South Africa, studying in England and the United States to create a better future for us. I had little time with him, but I knew that he loved and cared for me deeply. Furthermore, it is also important to remember that besides the paternal bonds of a father to his children; the father may have a parental, legal and social relationship with the child that carries with him certain rights and obligations.  I Londiwe Nkosi received a very unforgettable blessing from God which is a very wise, caring, one~of~a~kind man which I am very proud to call father.  He loves me and I communicated with him or saw his videos, pictures quite often. My uncles, granddads were also available to teach me new things, support me with life needs.  My father is someone who is always there whenever I need him, with love and with care. The bond I share with him is very wondrous, he lights up my day, he braves all my nightmares and scares them away. I really appreciate that man in my life when it comes to first~class fathers, he’s the absolute cream of the crop. “You’ll be the world’s greatest one day” my father often tells me even when we finish talking on the phone (drops that line). I listen to him very carefully and hope that one day I’ll make him proud. MrLefate Makunyane a God-fearing man, one in a million he is the most intelligent man I know who had to undergo many good and bad experiences in life but never gave up on his dreams of being a good father and a role model to me, but he chose to be strong and had a strong relationship with God which made him travel many places in the world. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6” start children off on the way, they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” my father always tells me to build a strong relationship with God by reading the Bible hardcore and I notice that building a relationship with God is the one thing I respected and honour in life. It guides me to face day to day challenges including negative peer pressure, negative elements in my township(violence, drug use, poverty etc). I am motivated and inspired to pursue my life dreams and goals because I know I have a loving and caring father who wants me to succeed.  Thank you
LondiweNaile · 3 months ago
Am so glad to be a member of this group Hoping that you will accept me
Yoteequen · 3 months ago
I'm interested in writing, I think I'd love to enter the Essay
Mxolisi Bernad · 3 months ago
I met my father, but i know what does the word father stand for, I've lived all my life without my biological father, And guess what i don't even think of him all thanks to my Uncle..
Mxolisi Bernad · 3 months ago