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Hi there You can send your writing to writing@fundza.co.za
Veronica Boyi · 2 months ago
I'm also a writer and I'd also like to be published by u ..what do I do?
simamkele mayekiso · 2 months ago
am a writer I'll like to post short stories in fudza website but I don't know how...would you help?
snentlantla tenza · 3 months ago
Hi there - we're looking in to it. We hope that you registered with your correct details, if not, then we won't be able to be in touch. We do send notifications to those who complete - and those who don't too (as we won't to encourage them to complete). But if you didn't get our notifications then you may not have supplied your correct details ;( Sorry.
Team FunDza · 4 months ago
I did the poetry course of which i believe i did pass it, up to now i never received any feedback from fundza. Can you please reply.
tshepisohlatshwayo20@gmai... · 4 months ago