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Hi @Celuxolo. You need to send us your poetry by email or through the online form. We will then check them and upload them. Good luck ;)
Mignon · 23 hours ago
I need you're help to upload my poems
Celuxolo · yesterday
I am really enjoying reading the stories
Musukwa-e · yesterday
What can I write about ?
portiaayanda82 · yesterday
Hi there, read other poems to get inspiration, and analyse why you like them. Then just start writing! Send your poems to writing@fundza.co.za.
Dorothy · 2 days ago
I want to write my poems but how can I start to write my poems And how can I start to to share my poems
Innocent spesho · 3 days ago
I know how to write poems but how do I start
Patie mommy · 4 days ago
Hi @Mmathabo - Search for 'Tips for Writers - you'll find lots of tips on improving your writing. Good luck!
Mignon · 4 days ago
Hi I'm interested in writing , how do i start writing I'm confused
Mmathabo · 4 days ago
Hi there, send your poems to writing@fundza.co.za.
Team FunDza · 4 days ago