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Hi I want to post a story on fundza how do I post
L-MAB · 15 hours ago
I sent my poem on my other phone but I wrote this number I'm using
Ngesi · yesterday
I want to know more about acting
Hlapiadi · yesterday
Hi there, you can use any device and get to the same account if you use the same username and password.
Team FunDza · 3 days ago
Hi Ngesi, I will forward your query to the editing team - please check your email is correct on your profile so they can respond to you.
Team FunDza · 3 days ago
:0600 548 67 what the hell is this number for if I've sent my poem a weak ago on what up chat, but still I haven't got feedback on whether fundza have got it, will they publish it or! GOSH I'M WORRIED SICK PLEASE FUNDZA TEAM ANSWER ME! 😯😢
Ngesi · 3 days ago
I submitted a poem but how long will it take. I submitted it just a few minutes ago.
M.K.O · 3 days ago
Can we pick a picture we want for our stories
M.K.O · 3 days ago
If I publish my work on another account will I be able to log in on another Sim card but using the same password?
Bheks · 3 days ago
Hi there. Yes, so long as you have permission from your parents to send in writing and to be published online.
Mignon · 4 days ago