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You can send your story to writing@fundza.co.za
FunDza Team · 7 hours ago
I would like to right a story titled"it changed my mindset"my email address is rethabilemodise6@gmail.com plz I beg u
Mapule modise · 8 hours ago
Hello @Rose Bunny. Sorry - FunDza doesn't do that type of publishing... if you publish through us then it will appear on the fundza.mobi site. We do sometimes include some Fanz content in our anthologies or print publications but we don't publish the work of specific authors for them to sell in shops. Good luck!
Mignon · 5 days ago
I want to write a poem about women and children abuse
khulekaninkosingphile@gmail.com · 5 days ago
khulekaninkosingphile@gmail.com · 5 days ago
I need to get published,like get published then after sell those books at shops
Rose Bunny · 5 days ago
How do j start writing my own book
Reject · 6 days ago
Love what is the meaning of the word love ,I wonder what happened to humanity we are killed our hearts are broken left with scars lied to ,betrayed and we say it love ,I wonder why do we fall in love if love seems to hurt us ,i wish somebody someday will come into my life and give me a clear meaning of what love is, because according to me love is the 7th sense that kills all six senses and make a person non sense I hope you find happiness as you say you are in love salusubuya Nkosi love is suppose to be a great feeling caring supporting each other but now all we get is pain we are beaten,killed in the name of love what is love what happened to genuine love
Londywe · 7 days ago
Like the waves of the ocean You shutterd me away remember? I guess is all in the past now I have moved on The peacock has showed its great coloures And the beauty of life I have succeded in many ways now And i have learned to let go whats not meant for me Am too good to be played by you
MaBahleza · a week ago
Poem:Remember me? The one who made you their first priority The one who gave you unconditional love The one who was always by your side through:Thick n Thin Remember me the one you pushed away in your better days Shuttered me away like the waves of the ocean Well i guess its the other way around now I have moved on n succeded in life Without you Because the scars you left me with have been cured
MaBahleza · a week ago