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Like to tell my love story
Jonna · 2 weeks ago
Hi can i Publish my fictional stories here?
CrazyFuxkingJiminah · a month ago
Can I start my blog here?
Phumelele · a month ago
Can I get my true story published?
Rock · a month ago
Hi Bezwe - You are welcome to send in your poetry and stories in English and Xhosa for publication on fundza.mobi. Send it by email to writing@fundza.co.za
Mignon · a month ago
I'm a poetry writer i write in English and xhosa I really really do wanna share and get my poems published but its hard I've been trying Also i do write short stories in xhosa and English
Bezwe · a month ago
I do have lots of my writings to be published
Loncie · a month ago
Can i also publish true life stories
Ray B · 2 months ago
Hi there. Please note that we are on leave. If you are wanting to send in writing to be published on Fundza, then send it to: writing@fundza.co.za and we will take a look at it in the new year. Happy 2019!
Mignon · 2 months ago
Roses are red you feel blue fundza i think of you.. enjoy the new year 2019 here we go...
Ever187 · 2 months ago