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kwaku · yesterday
I'm not a South African Is it possible for me to join?
Chris.K · 2 weeks ago
Would also like to join.
Lady girl · 2 weeks ago
Love Is Like War easy to start
Coyotitos · 2 weeks ago
Woow i love this FunDza, it's my first time on it, nice poems
Sokhana · 2 weeks ago
Hi Sisanda. You can send you stories via: writing@fundza.co.za please note it will take three weeks to publish your work as we have a lot of submissions and a small editing team. Also note that your stories need to be less than 10 000 words. We look forward to receiving your work.
FunDza Team · 2 weeks ago
I want to write poems and stories Can u please help me cause I really don't know how By sisanda Sisanda
Gugu kakhule · 2 weeks ago
Can I publish a book to make you happy and kn more things that will make your life beautiful snd make you enjoy your life This is a great opportunity for me By Nonqiza
Nonqiza · 3 weeks ago
Pls let me write a important book for girls from the age of 10-15 so they may feel important. ✊✊
QUEEN SLIEVER · 3 weeks ago
Hi there, you can also publish via FunDza's cognito form. Please follow this link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/FunDza1/FanzSubmissionForm
FunDza Team · 3 weeks ago