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I can't even give you my work 😩💔
Seabi Ecow · yesterday
Hi Matthehw Ortell you can't delete a comment, but you can ask us to do so. About erotica: we generally don't publish erotica, as we don't publish gratuitous sex or violence.
Team FunDza · yesterday
We don't permission to dance nanananana💙🌌
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 2 days ago
How do we delete a comment? Can we even delete a comment? Oh and FunDza can we write erotica? Lol ik its allot of questions but please get back to me.ASAP...by the way erotica is a form of writing so is it allowed?
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 2 days ago
Hi @Nobo - Do you have an email address? If so, you can email it to us instead? We will be launching a space to submit your writing through fundza.mobi a little later this year... so if you can't submit for the moment, you will be able to in the next few months!
Mignon · 4 days ago
Am interested in a writing a story and for the first time in my life I would really like to express my self if I write will it get published pls tell me Moya team
Basisa · 4 days ago
Hi Nobo, if you do not have WhatsApp you may send your writing to us via email at writing@fundza.co.za
Asithandile Tyulu · 4 days ago
Please help me moya team l don't know where to write my story and plus l don't have whatsapp
Nobo · 4 days ago
Where do l , like write my story
Nobo · 4 days ago
Hi Kandy K, every book is worth publishing. We would love to receive your work, and if it's above 500 words our benevolent editors will give you feedback!
Team FunDza · 5 days ago