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When do I get to write stories or poems
Maah · 2 days ago
Hi I'm Alettar and I'm very brilliant at writing stories.. I would like to be a part of you and share some with fundza
Alter · 3 days ago
Hi Onicah - that's great. Please do submit your writing for publication on FunDza. Follow the process detailed on this page. Good luck!
Mignon · 3 days ago
my name is onicah i love reading and im a good writer when comes to short stories and poems …….i have too many poems...and i would like to share them with everyone in fundza
OnicaKRua8 · 4 days ago
Am funny mkandawire ....I started writing wen I was 10 I love writing poems and songs......I have improved my writing because of funDz .....thank you
Funny mkandawire · 4 days ago
@Snamile: Fantastic! We hope that you send us your short stories and writing so that you can be a published Fanz writer. Good luck!
Mignon · 7 days ago
My name is Snamile, I'm 17 years old.my love for writing started when I was 12 years old ,I wrote short stories and read them to my mom and she was always impressed. I then had the feeling of writing poems when I was 14 years where I used poetry to express my feelings and to give motivation to my peers and sometimes for fun. Since then I fell more in love with writing and everyone who reads my work can feel that love and passion through my writing and my wish is to continue writing for the whole world
Snamilemakhosie · 7 days ago
I want to become a writer
Njombi · a week ago
Why don't I just write without going through all of this stuff of being online
Thandolyn · a week ago
Hey @Bryce Lennon Jabu: We publish in all eleven official South African languages. If it is one of those, please send it through by following the instructions on this page.
Mignon · 2 weeks ago