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I don't have data so how will i get my stories published?Or should I write here in the comment block?
Kebadineo · 14 hours ago
Hi my name is michelle from Gauteng I would like to know that why should we learn in order for us to get jobs what if u keep onfailing at school does it mean that we won't b employed
Mampofu · 3 days ago
Hello Enhle. You need to send us your work via email or an online form - both of these methods would require a small amount of data.
Mignon · 4 days ago
I love fundza♥️
Siphokazi4801 · 4 days ago
I miss u I miss the times we used to spend together I miss the way we used to make jokes that's not even funny but we'll laugh just to make the other one happy I miss us playing like kids,hugging,joking and doing everything together I miss u and will always love u U broke my hard into pieces By not showing me u love but pretending u love me Even tho u broke my hard in many pieces that is unexplainable I love u and will always U now when I see u my hard wants to call out to u and say: I love u and forgive u
Tashneefa · 4 days ago