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I can't even give you my work 😩💔
Seabi Ecow · yesterday
Hi Matthehw Ortell you can't delete a comment, but you can ask us to do so. About erotica: we generally don't publish erotica, as we don't publish gratuitous sex or violence.
Team FunDza · 2 days ago
We don't permission to dance nanananana💙🌌
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 2 days ago
How do we delete a comment? Can we even delete a comment? Oh and FunDza can we write erotica? Lol ik its allot of questions but please get back to me.ASAP...by the way erotica is a form of writing so is it allowed?
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 2 days ago
Hi @Nobo - Do you have an email address? If so, you can email it to us instead? We will be launching a space to submit your writing through fundza.mobi a little later this year... so if you can't submit for the moment, you will be able to in the next few months!
Mignon · 4 days ago