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I want to join
Sebapadi · a week ago
Hello,,, My question is, Do you fund community learning centres???
Nomaziyan'omngoma · a month ago
Thank you,I like it
Lonamaso · 2 months ago
I like it
Amos Matias · 2 months ago
Thank You♥️♥️
Josh Lemmetjies · 3 months ago
Hi Josh, that's great! Please email us at info@fundza.co.za and we'll give you more info.
Team FunDza · 3 months ago
Hi Josh, please email your query to info@fundza.co.za and we'll get back to you.
Team FunDza · 3 months ago
Hi Fundza I'd like to open a reading and writing club at my school and I'd like some assistance with books because I want the reading and writing club's book to be separate from the school's books how do I apply and, what is the age requirement if there is one?
Josh Lemmetjies · 3 months ago
Hi ii would kindly really appreciate if u approve that i should join because i would really like to open a group of young children in my community to learn them about how to read and write because i see most of our children in our society they don't have nowhere to learn besides playing around nd getting themselves into trouble with the law
ZeeeHCandy · 3 months ago
I would like to join too..
Qotsini · 4 months ago