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When is the next competition
Ella · 4 days ago
How can I enter into competition s?
Fred · 3 weeks ago
How can I check winners and what are goodies for winners?
sanele mgentsu · a month ago
Queen status · a month ago
I have been entertaining so many competitions on but have not won even a single one
Mpho08 · a month ago
Have the winners for the survey competition been announced?
Tsheppy5 · a month ago
How do I enter competion
Njezay · a month ago
Hi Njezay, yes you may enter the competition with your parent's or guardian's permission. You have only a few hours left to enter, good luck!
FunDza Team · a month ago
Have the winners been announced
Melokuhley · a month ago
Hi Team FunDza I am 13 years doing my grade 8, can I still enter competitions?
Njezay · a month ago
Hi there, the Phendula Park winners were announced here
Team FunDza · 2 months ago
I also entered the competition about phendula park have the winners been announced
Macaetea · 2 months ago
We want answers
Ella · 2 months ago
Have you announce winners on phendulla park,I entered competition
@sthandi942 · 3 months ago
I entered the competition about The people of phendula park ,have you announced winners already?
Lucia1 · 3 months ago