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Hi Dee" - You can submit a word doc but preferably not a pdf, as that is hard for us to edit and upload. All entries eventually appear on the fundza.mobi site too...
Mignon · 2 hours ago
Can I submit in word form or PDF
Dee" · 13 hours ago
Age guys 😭😭🥺🥺🥺
nkalasiphi@gmai... · 15 hours ago
nkalasiphi@gmai... · 15 hours ago
For my unsual love of poetry I'm glad i ran int o this.......this is golden a very golden opportunity 🌹❤🥂
Hanley · 17 hours ago
Khingistonie · 17 hours ago
I'm so grateful to have this opportunity
Kaynew · yesterday
Am grateful to take this wonderful opportunity and I believe I won't disappoint,am willing to go an extra mile .I will go beyond the limits, it's has been a long waiting for such gorgeous opportunity 😄
rekomore@gmai... · 2 days ago
Hi there, just make sure you fit with the rules - there's not an exact word count. Good luck!
Team FunDza · 3 days ago
I am so entering this one😍😍love is blissfull.
LaMshika · 3 days ago