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Some of us would really like to enter but we don't have email addresses. Good luck though
Ma'kaKhanyi · 10 hours ago
Some of us would really like to entire but we don't have email addresses...but it is what it is . Good luck
Ma'kaKhanyi · 10 hours ago
AHA MOMENTS! What a fun will write
kasusu · 2 days ago
What is the meaning of AHA? reply agent please. 🤔
Talis · 2 days ago
Can i post my essay via email in a pdf format?
Obstacle · 2 days ago
Wow so interesting
Ntoko659 · 3 days ago
Why fundza choice the age?
Nonokiss · 3 days ago
I like to participating in this competition But i cant because of my age😏😏
Nonokiss · 3 days ago
I've been participating in FunDza's competitions since 2016 but I didn't manage to win anything until I through away the towel. That means I've been wasting my time by partaking in your competitions. All I can say is that your Competitions are useless.
Mzalphios · 3 days ago
I fully understand the terms
Creed · 3 days ago