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Thanks fundza for another great story I enjoyed it
M3366 · in 2 hours
I learnt a lot wish more quize like these come up in the future so we could keep learning and be more knowledgeable Big up Fundza
Lusapho24 · in 56 minutes
I would like to thank fundza for a great books and I since I started reading their books have learned a lot I say fundza thanks and thanks for the great books.
Katekanisiwela · in 20 minutes
I'd like to thank the FUNZA BOOK and Mometum Metropolitan I aslo say Moving up Majola Book Value for money Seek information from qualified professionals plan before u start
Nonokiss · 2 minutes ago
This course has been insightful, I was taught me a lot of things that I was never aware of and as from now on I will imply the lesson I have learnt into my everyday life...thank you so much for giving us such information
Ntandocy · 3 hours ago
Great book. I've learned that whenever I'm facing trials and tribulations, I shouldn't loose hope because I'm five to prosperity. I've learned a lot.
Mathapelo91 · 5 hours ago
My first online course and i enjoyed it, it was so amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.
Jabusam · 5 hours ago
This story has been most informative and truly inspiring. The authors did a great job even in the way they structured it to teach, reprimand and educate me about my own financial management. I felt somehow accommodated as part of the story. Reading it was very much fun and I enjoyed it, I was even able to visualize each and every scene that took place from chapter1 all the way to 10; as if I was watching an awesome movie. Great work indeed.
Caesarblake · 7 hours ago
Great course my life has changed ever since I started reading this story,I can now make good decisions regarding the little money that I have.I'm truely greatful thank u for the opportunity
Sismay · 8 hours ago
Great way to be entertained and learn at the very same time. I'm impressed. Thank you.🌻😭
GoitseBindo · 14 hours ago
Great story indeed and I've learned a lot from it thanks
Mawija · 14 hours ago
I loved it
Shikander · 15 hours ago
I completed the course in October but I had the massage this morning says i was doing the course /must i doit twice?
Phelokazinenedyantyi · 17 hours ago
Great book! It is so educational, inspirational and relatable! Learnt a lot. Enjoyed every bit of this book.
Ipeleng Ips · 17 hours ago
I really enjoy reading the story and I've learn alot about #moving up with the Majolas.I completed.
Petunia MK · 18 hours ago