Uviwe Nabileyo

Uviwe Nabileyo

I am Uviwe Unathi Nabileyo, an 18 year old who was born in Johannesburg hospital on the 3rd of February 1997.

Although I was born in Johannesburg, I spent most of my young-life in the Eastern Cape under the care of my grandparents. I started school at the age of 6 in the Eastern Cape, where I did my first four grades. By 2007 I moved to Johannesburg where I did my grade 5 till matric, which I just finished last year (2014) in Rabasotho Combined School.

My interest in writing started a long time ago but I only took it seriously when I did my grade 9. I wrote a book about how I see the world and how I’d like it to be. My friends read it and my principal too and they were impressed, that’s when I was told to take it seriously as I was “talented” they said.

As an 18 year old there are not many achievements that I’ve achieved. The only “big” achievements are:
•I’ve passed my matric with a B (bachelor’s degree).
•I’ve taken the huge step towards achieving my dream of being an author: I’ve written a short story (Saboage) and it has been published through Fundza.

These are probably my biggest achievements by far, the rest are coming which will make my biography a bit longer than it is now. And I will share those with you too, reader.

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