Course Catalogue

A guide to writing different kinds of essays

There are different kinds of essays required at school, and some of these essay writing tips come in very useful for tertiary and work writing too. Work through this clear and useful course to improve your writing in discursive, persuasive, reflective, narrative and descriptive essays, and watch your marks go up!


Bullying has been in the news recently, with many young people describing how they have been bullied. Here are some stories about bullies and the impact they can have – and how some manage to overcome them. Deepen your understanding of the stories by answering the multiple choice questions on each chapter. [Course ends on 31 March 2017.]

Improving Comprehension Course 2

Keywords: comprehension, story, English FAL
Here is a collection of interesting non-fiction articles and a longer story about a young girl who learns to follow her dreams. There are questions on each text in order to develop your comprehension. Enjoy! [Course ends on 30 April 2017]