Amagama eNkululeko

AUTHOR: Equal Education

PUBLISHER: Cover2Cover Books


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This book places storytelling in historical perspective. Amagama eNkululeko! Words for freedom: Writing life under Apartheid is an anthology of short fiction, poetry, narrative journalism and extracts from novels and memoirs which frames these texts as lenses through which to engage South Africa’s past.

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  1. Mmmh lovely story

    14 Jan 2017 at 13:37
  2. its historical,poetic and l love it

    16 Oct 2016 at 19:23
  3. Freedom

    Emmanuel khoza
    9 Oct 2016 at 21:28

    Long time ago there was a king who lived with his wife.They were blessed with a son,he’s name was Domatana.When he about to reach the age of 10 years his parents decided that they are going to stay to a place far from there but Domatana did not agree he said he is not going to leave a wealthy land and a beautiful house like that.So his parents left him.Just before they went to the new land Domatana was warned by his father not to pick the forbidden leaf. He stayed alone in the big and he was bored so he thought ‘let me pick the forbidden leaf and see what will happen’. He went to the tree and he picked the forbidden leaf,the leaf was taken by air to the middle of the big Forrest.When it arrived it hit the terrifying monster,the monster found its way to Domatana,it found him taking milk to the house and it took the milk away from Domatana.And made food it eaten with a spoon and Domatana eaten with a finger. He did not live very nice.In the morning the monster went to town and Domatana was left alone,two birds arrived they said what would you give us if we went to tell your parents he was standing in the corner, he said he is going to give them maize,they said they don’t have a throat to swallow maize,so he gave the birds the grated maize. They went to his parents.They arrived and they told his father that a terrifying monster has taken over their son.So Domatana’s father searched for strong man to help him.So they went back,they arrived and they saw the monster and the man beaten the monster to death. From that time Domatana listened to his parents and he never disobeyed his parents again.

    xolisa sodladla
    26 Aug 2016 at 18:52
    • Why Is It That Untill Something Happen To Someone Before He/she Would Realise The Important Of An Advice

      Happy T Vincent
      7 Oct 2016 at 16:39

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