Fiction – Short stories
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  1. Crime Thrillers

    The Chef and His Missing Wife

  2. SciFi / Fantasy


  3. Romance

    Wise Owl

  4. Img Book

    Tooth and Claw

  5. Romance

    Love is Patient, Love is Kind

  6. Romance

    The Nearly Perfect Guy

  7. Romance


  8. Human Drama

    Love Wouldn’t Do This to Me

  9. Human Drama

    Kanti Uthando Lunjani?

  10. Romance

    Levi’s Love

  11. Romance

    Levi se liefde

  12. Human Drama


  13. Crime Thrillers

    Desperate Times

  14. Romance

    My Beauty, My Curse

  15. Human Drama

    Kanti Mina Ngingowakwabani?

  16. Human Drama

    Where Do I Belong?

  17. Human Drama

    Chasing the Good Life

  18. Human Drama

    The Babe Magnet

  19. Crime Thrillers

    Philasande and the Missing Girls

  20. Historical

    The Greatest Battles Are Within

  21. Historical

    The Greatest Battles Are Within

  22. Human Drama

    Ukuziphindisela Kwengede - Izinganekwane (Fables)

  23. Human Drama

    Inyoni Ebizwa NgePam-Pam - Izinganekwane (Fables)

  24. Romance

    Inhlansi Enzima