What are the rules about sending in writing work?

There are not lots of rules but:

1. You must be the author of the work. It is a crime to copy other people’s writing work and say that it is your own. It’s called plagiarism.
2. When you send us your work you are giving us permission to publish it. So, if it is accepted, we will publish it on
3. We do edit work – to make sure that the grammar and spelling are correct.
4. We do have final editorial control over any work published on FunDza and will not publish any material that is illegal or that constitutes hate speech.
5. We will not publish any story that is longer than 10,000 words.
6. We will not publish work that is written in SMS text or is incomprehensible. PLEASE CHECK YOUR WORK FOR SPELLING, GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION BEFORE SENDING IT TO US!