How do I register?

Click on the Login link in the menu bar.

Then click on either ‘Register’ or ‘Social logins’ (if you’d like to register via Facebook). You will then need to set up an account.

So, if you click on ‘Register’ you will need to enter your name, email address, cellphone number and password. Remember that to access your course again you will need to know what your password is. So, write it down or find some other way of remembering it!

If you forget your password, you can also ask the system to send it to you via email. It is important therefore to enter an active email address that you can easily access so that you can connect with the course again. If you are struggling to login and the password reminder is not working for you, please email with your details so that we can help you to recover it.

If you want to login using your Facebook account, you would need to know your Facebook password to do so.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to select the course (click on the ‘Enroll now’ link on the Courses page).

Then go to your ‘Profile’ – find this on the top Menu bar (where it had previously said ‘Login’) – to start your work on the course.