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The Recommitment

31 January 2017 | 4 Comments

A man in his late thirties looks asleep in the corner with his head resting on his bag. Every so often his eyelids flutter. Another day; another dollar, he thinks as he almost falls into a deep sleep. Why is Keeanu in jail for peddling drugs while I’m doing my best, working my butt off […]


Keeping the Promise

23 January 2017 | 2 Comments

The carriage is a bit crowded as we enter. The train is on time. Is this a fresh start with new intentions for 2017? Would this be maintained? “Ek is nogal ’n bietjie laat,” a lady says to the commuter next to her. In return she just nods and smiles politely. The train gains momentum; […]


A Fresh Start

12 January 2017 | 6 Comments

“Happy New Year to you dear and to you sir; Happy New Year to all,” a vendor joyfully greets passers-by. Smiling they nod and whisper: “Same to you.” They continue to rush to a different platform hoping to catch their train on time. The train is in no rush though. Five minutes later it arrives […]


Staff Party Stuff-up

12 December 2016 | 4 Comments

Quite often we look beyond the obvious and complicate matters, aggravating situations which would have had a simple resolution. Like for instance the conversation between two gentlemen standing in the corner of the carriage. “Ôs staff party is next Wednesday but ek het ’n stern warning van my motjie gekry ou bra,” the guy tells […]


The Winds of Fate

28 November 2016 | 2 Comments

“Oh my word…. jy-y-y-y-y!!!” a lady shouts grabbing her skirt while exiting the train. “Hold on tight love,” a guy teases her, watching as he stands in the door. “Blêrrie wind,” she complains trying to bring her skirt under control. It seems to have a mind of its own. “Waai, wintjie waai, bring ha trug […]