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  1. Fanz

    Confused Love

  2. Fanz

    Disappointed Wishes

  3. The Chef and His Missing Wife

  4. Fanz

    How Glorious Your Love (Holly sonnet)

  5. Fanz

    I Am a Christian

  6. Fanz

    I Am Unique

  7. Fanz

    True Beauty

  8. Fanz

    Business As Usual

  9. Fanz

    Live But Not Death

  10. Fanz

    Help Me Find a Lover!

  11. Fanz

    Haiku Melody (Love)

  12. Fanz

    Lost Lover

  13. Fanz

    From Me to you With Love

  14. Fanz

    It doesn't have to be like this

  15. Fanz


  16. Fanz

    Street Séance

  17. Fanz

    When it Rains

  18. Fanz

    Falling in Love Again

  19. Fanz

    My Sunshine Two

  20. Fanz

    I Start it Up

  21. Fanz

    My Love to You

  22. Fanz

    Alone In My Head

  23. Fanz


  24. Fanz

    A boy who wants to be a bird