Catalogue: Mystery
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  1. Fanz

    The Beautiful Hitchhiker

  2. Fanz

    22nd Century Chaos

  3. Fanz

    Why the Giraffe has a long neck

  4. Fanz

    Demons or Ghosts

  5. Fanz

    The Goblin

  6. Fanz

    Love is like a roaring thunder

  7. Fanz

    The Haunted Cave

  8. Fanz

    Expecting the unexpected

  9. Fanz


  10. The Unforgotten

  11. Fanz

    The Black Door: Tale of Personal Phobia

  12. Something’s Not Right

  13. Fanz

    Down to the South

  14. Fanz

    The Strangest House on The Street

  15. Fanz

    A story my grandmother told me

  16. Fanz

    Lost In A Pond of Mist

  17. Crash

  18. Ingozi

  19. The Mystery of the Stolen Baby

  20. Fanz

    The Curse

  21. Fanz


  22. Img Book

    The Case of the False Prophets: A Lola Molefi Mystery

  23. Pieces of a Puzzle

  24. Img Book

    The Case of the Wedding Curse: A Lola Molefi Mystery